Injured in a Truck Accident? All You Need to Know

The roads of the United States are filled with trucks transporting goods across the country. While most of these trucks reach their destination safely, a single accident involving an 18-wheeler can have major consequences. Around five thousand people die in truck-related injuries each year, with over 150,000 serious injuries. Truck accidents have many causes, including weather conditions, driver error or Read More

Top Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks, such as delivery trucks and tractor-trailers make a crucial contribution to the economy as they continue to transport heavy loads of cargo from one location to another in a timely manner. However, these heavy duty vehicles also pose serious risks to other motorists and vehicles on the road. This is because an accident with a truck can be catastrophic and a life-changing Read More

Car Accidents and Insurance Companies

If you’ve been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence or reckless driving, then the law gives you the right to seek compensation for the injuries, losses, and damages you incurred. However, in order to get full and fair compensation, there are two things that you must do: Seek legal representation Avoid interacting directly with insurance companies While many people think that Read More

Medical Bills Associated with a Car Accident-How Are You Going to Manage?

After a car accident in the State of Texas, there are two things that you must do-call 911 for medical assistance and an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas for legal representation. Car accidents can cause serious injuries like spinal cord damage, whiplash, fractures, broken bones, TBI and internal organ damage. Medical assistance must be sought immediately to prevent blood loss and for a complete Read More

Texting While Driving Accidents

Although the State of Texas placed a ban on the use of smartphones in 2017, which has made it illegal for individuals to read, write and send a text while driving, auto accidents arising from distracted driving continue to increase in the state. This is clearly evident from the statistics presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These statistics show that there were 537,475 accidents Read More

What to Expect After an 18-Wheeler Accident?

Large trucks like 18 wheelers are a common mode of transportation for merchandise flow across the US. So, it is common to see these large-sized heavy-duty trucks crowding the roads and highways. When sharing the road with these trucks, other vehicle drivers must drive cautiously and carefully to minimize the risk of catastrophic accidents. That being said, they may still not be 100 percent safe on the road driving Read More