Drunk Driving Accidents

If A Drunk Driver Injured You or a Loved One, We Can Help

Few decisions have the capacity to cause as much damage, injury, and death as the decision to drive while under the influence.  Yet drunk drivers continue to cause car wrecks every day on Texas highways and city roads. The repercussions of a drunk driving accident can last decades, which is why it’s important to take prompt legal action and seek justice for victims. 

Wyly & Cook, PLLC moves swiftly to file lawsuits against drunk drivers and give victims and their family the opportunity to seek full compensation. Not only do we strive to make victims whole through financial compensation, but we also seek harsh punishments for drunk drivers through punitive damages. After a drunk driving accident leaves you or someone you love injured, take the first step and contact Wyly & Cook, PLLC to schedule a FREE consultation.

ambulance driving fast down city street