Texas Leads US in Deadly Wrong Way Highway Accidents

Last updated Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Texas Leads US in Deadly Wrong Way Highway Accidents

Texas roads can be dangerous when it comes to people driving the wrong way on streets and highways. Death Highway Texas, or Route 285 is one of the most dangerous stretches of road nationwide. Unfortunately, Texas has more wrong-way accidents causing deaths to one or more people than any other state in the USA, and in Texas, it’s Houston that has the most.

Here are just a few of the wrong-way accidents that have happened in the Houston area in the last four months:

January 8, 2022. Two people were killed in a wrong-way crash when a Chevy Equinox going the wrong way slammed into a private ambulance on Westpark Tollway near Fondren.

January 28, 2022. A woman was killed, and two others were injured when a truck heading the wrong way crashed into them on Spur 527 and 59.

February 14, 2022. A woman was killed in a roll-over crash when the pickup truck she was riding in drove the wrong way and struck a utility pole near the University of Houston.

March 14, 2022. A double fault, a wrong-way crash caused death and injuries to others on the Gulf Freeway, just past Scott St.

March 20, 2022. A wrong-way crash occurred involving a Constable Precinct 5 vehicle and SUV that was driving the wrong way on Sam Houston Highway, injuring one person.

April 18, 2022. A wrong-way driver was pulled out of a fiery crash on SH-288.

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Research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety developed a profile for people who are most likely to cause a wrong-way accident. They are usually driving at night, alone, and drunk. Alcohol impairment is the most significant factor leading to fatalities in wrong-way crashes. These accidents usually occur at high speeds, on highways, and on weekends.

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