Wyly & Cook Sponsor Motorcycle Accident Scene Training Class

Last updated Friday, May 5th, 2023

Road Guardians instructor teaching motorcycle safety class.When it comes to motorcycle accidents, it’s better to prepare and prevent instead of repair and repent. Motorcyclists suffer at least 6 times more fatal injuries than car passengers.

At Wyly & Cook, we’ve helped a lot of victims recover by getting them compensated after a motorcycle accident. But we care more about making the roads a safer place for you so you don’t ever end up as a victim.

And we’ll even help you get the best coverage needed to cover all your losses in case you ever end up in a motorcycle accident.

Preparation is better than panic. If you’re trained to save a life and manage an accident scene before help arrives, you can secure your health and potentially save someone’s life. 

That’s exactly why we teamed up with Road Guardians to host a successful motorcycle safety class at the Harley-Davidson dealership in Pasadena this weekend.

Thanks to Vikki Sanfelipo for providing this wonderful service to riders in the Houston area and across the country!

Find out how we can help you be part of a safer, smarter, and more empowered motorcycle riding community.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

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Learn All About Accident Scene Management (ASM)

Every second is critical after a motorcycle accident. Your response could make the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

There are four critical parts of accident scene management:

Preventing further injuries

Ever seen those monstrous multi-vehicle crash pile-ups on the news? All it took was one accident to start the mayhem. As long as you’re on the road, you’re not out of danger – even if you got away without a scratch.

You need to know how to make yourself visible and secure the motorcycle accident scene. We’ll also guide you about handling your motorcycle and how to move injured people if necessary.

Assessing the accident scene

It’s important to clearly review the accident scene before jumping into action. There are 4 kinds of motorcycle crashes and a variety of common injuries. These courses will help you brush up on the basics of anatomy and understand mechanisms of injuries.

Contacting emergency medical services

It’s true that emergency medical services provide the best first aid you can hope for. However, you can play a great role in ensuring they come prepared with the right kind of aid.

You’ll be trained to quickly and efficiently provide all the accident information they need to help you. You will be able to easily anticipate questions they’ll ask and get a faster emergency response.

Giving life-saving medical attention

You’ll learn the ABCs of trauma and how to do a head-to-toe analysis of injuries that require urgent attention.

We’ll give you a hands-on treatment crash course for clearing airways, rescue breathing, controlling bleeding, handling shock, and spinal motion restriction.

ASM Courses You Can Sign Up For

Road Guardians has developed five essential accident scene management programs to empower motorcyclists with all the resources they need:

100 Series “Basic” InstructorLed Class

In this 7-hour instructor-led crash course, you’ll learn everything you need to do within the first 5-30 minutes after a motorcycle accident until the authorities arrive. You’ll get a chance to practice these skills in a safe simulated environment too.

200 Series Blended Learning (BL) Basic

It covers the same lessons as the 100 Series “Basic” Instructor Led Class, but offers more flexibility for participants.

You can complete 2.5 hours of interactive online training on Zoom followed by a 3.5-hour hands-on session to complete the course.

300 Series Instructor-Led (IL) Advanced

Motorcycle safety class instructor teaching how to give first aidIf you want to be more of a rescuer than a bystander after an accident, this 7-hour instructor-led session is perfect for you. You’ll learn how to safely lead the scene of the accident and assist medical authorities when they arrive.

You’ll be able to help with advanced airway management, common medical emergencies, femoral traction, and safely extracting the victims,

Pre-requisite: You must’ve completed the 100 series class or a 200 series class within the past two years.

Advanced Refresher

This 3–4 hour class is all about sharpening your hands-on skills. You’ll brush up on the ABCs of trauma and how to prioritize treatment after a motorcycle crash.

Prerequisite: You must’ve completed the 300 Series Instructor-Led Advanced class within the past 2 years.

Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash

This course can help you become a professional rescuer/guardian angel for your local community of motorcyclists. You’ll be fully trained to manage accident scene safety, understand the crash impact, and assist medical authorities.

Becoming a Road Guardian – Save Lives, Reduce Injuries, Increase Compensation For Your Losses

Education is the most painless and cheapest first aid you can invest in. That’s why Wyly & Cook reached out to a nationally-branded Road Guardians program to help make Texas a safer place to ride. They have a track record of successfully reducing injuries and fatalities among motorcyclists in many communities across America.

We’ll also guide you to get the right kind of insurance coverage that’ll quickly cover your immediate and long-term needs in case you end up in a motorcycle accident. You’ll be prepared to prevent and manage accidents to the best of your ability.

All their in-depth and hands-on programs are designed by certified instructors and medical experts who love riding just like you.

They will help you master all six areas of motorcycle safety:

  • Motorcycle riding education
  • State licensing and laws education
  • Impaired rider education
  • Motorcycle safety gear knowledge
  • Motorist awareness knowledge
  • First response tactics after a motorcycle accident

If you’re interested in having Wyly & Cook host a motorcycle safety course for you and your motorcycle club, call us today!

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Let's Go Beyond, to Bring You Back

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