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Last updated Friday, April 28th, 2023

So Brad, what brings you here? 

So this is it. So I’m here because I really believe in the cause. I think that there are too many distracted drivers out there.

And as an attorney, I represent a lot of people who are the victims of distracted driving.

 I was wondering if you could tell me about one of the things you do that you think is helping with these issues or something you’re proud of that’s helping solve these issues?

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Well, what we do is we try to hold. People that are distracted and driving and being reckless, we try to hold them accountable and, we do that by often we have to file lawsuits against them. But the good thing is if we’re able to hold them accountable, which we often are, we can get our clients compensated and we can get their medical bills paid and their lost wages, for example.

And that’s a good thing that we do. 

And, I think frankly, it helps deter people from distracting drugs. 

If you could give a magic wand 10 years from now, you could change one thing, what would it be? 

Oh, wow. magic wand, I guess. You know, frankly, I think that a lot of the issues. Unsafe and distracted driving could be solved if people were not allowed to use their phone while driving.

And so if there was some sort of regulation that would prevent people from being able to text while the vehicle’s moving or being able to make phone calls while the vehicle’s moving, I think that would be extremely important. 

Do you think distracted driving is getting worse? Or is it possible it’s getting better?

You know, it’s hard to say. I mean, I see so many people that come into my office. I had a gentleman today, for example. Was rear-ended and had his vehicle flipped off the highway onto the feeder road. And it’s a miracle that he survived.

As a result of a distracted driver. So to me it seems like; I don’t think it’s getting better. And I, and I also just like you, when I’m out on the roadways, I see people on their phones, even though they’re going 70 miles an hour. Yeah, I see it all the time. And it, frankly, makes me not drive on the freeways if I can avoid it.

I try to take them, so you know, my honest opinions, I don’t think that it is getting better, but hopefully that’ll change. Yeah. 

Well, thanks so much for being here, for all that you do, and we’ll all keep working on this. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks.

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