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Wyly & Cook Serious Accident and Injury Lawyers are here to provide YOU with skilled and compassionate representation in the areas of personal injury, wage and hour, and bad faith insurance cases.  We represent people injured in car and commercial vehicle crashes in Houston, Harris County, and throughout Texas. We represent individuals and small business owners whose own insurance companies have denied, delayed, and underpaid their claims.  Finally, we represent workers in Texas and across the nation who are owed wages and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and various state wage and hour laws.   

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

If you are looking for legal assistance, Wyly & Cook are the ones to help. They will stand behind you all the way. … Read more
Brian Pool
I was involved in a life-changing motor vehicle accident that required surgery and several months of rehabilitation… Read more
Casey D.
They did a good job on my case.
David Mena
The whole team is amazing. They get back to you in a timely manner, they explain things so well and really listen t… Read more
Jessica Mendez
Mr. Cook and the other staff here are all so kind and helpful. They are very professional and know their stuff. The… Read more
Alan Boyd
I was in a motorcycle accident and these guys got me top dollar for my injuries and property damage. I would recomm… Read more
Chris Canales
Christine Jones
From my previous experiences with them, they have met and satisfied everything I’ve asked for them to do. They ar… Read more
Long Pham
After being hit head-on in a complicated crash involving multiple other drivers, Brad was dedicated to helping me r… Read more
AJ Cole
Brad and his staff are amazing. Very helpful and knowledgeable about the law. I am a lawyer myself and I hired Brad… Read more
Jimmy Doan
I have a very hard case regards to my business Insurance I have a small business and my Insurance was denying the … Read more
Marta Velasquez
Wyly & Cook law firm was a great experience for me. They treated me with respect and class and were very informativ… Read more
Denerica Wilkerson
I would highly recommend Wyly & Cook, the firm is very professional and they get the job done!
Billy Bronikowski
Brad Wyly and Kelly Cook took on an incredibly complicated business litigation matter for me and obtained a fantast… Read more
Davis Law Group
As a client, I was very appreciative of Wyly & Cook for being so patient and understanding with me. Talking with th… Read more
Ashley Aleman
Wyly & Cook did an excellent job representing my case. My roof was a total loss due to a storm and they were able t… Read more
John Dlf
When I was rear-ended on the freeway and the driver couldn’t show proof of valid insurance, I called Brad immedia… Read more
Cody Tholcken
The Wyly & Cook team was an awesome pick to work on my case. They fought hard for me. I wouldn’t dare call them f… Read more
Kay Phearse
Last year, my family and I were involved in horrible motor vehicle accident. Upon searching, we located Wyly and Co… Read more
Gabriell Arenas
Brad Wyly is a tremendous lawyer and advocate. When my husband and I were involved in a wreck in which we were not … Read more
Mr. Wyly is the best lawyer. I Recommend him !! He gets the job done and he has the best staff that care.
Irma Rodriguez

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