Hurt in a Trucking Accident? You Need a Different Type of Lawyer

Hurt in a Trucking Accident

A serious accident involving large trucks is, in almost every way, more complex than routine car accidents. The injuries are usually more catastrophic, which increases the amount of damages received by the victims. Because trucking companies are required to carry commercial insurance, they are financially equipped to fight back against claims. For these reasons and ones we lay out below, it is crucial that you find an experienced, quality personal injury attorney to help you achieve a satisfactory payout after being involved in a trucking accident.

There are more regulations governing trucking companies.

Whereas regular drivers need only a valid driver’s license (and car insurance) to operate their vehicles, there are a number of government agencies and sets of regulations that control the activities of trucking companies and drivers. There is a strict set of rules companies must follow when hiring and employing drivers; despite these requirements, companies occasionally cut corners and put unsafe drivers behind the wheel. It takes a knowledgeable legal team to understand these many regulations and determine if there was any non-compliance that led to an accident. 

Multiple parties are potentially liable in a trucking accident.

An accident between two automobiles usually involves the individual drivers and their respective insurance companies. Trucking accidents, however, bring multiple parties into account. In addition to the drivers involved, you must determine whether or not the cargo’s owner could be liable for damages, for example. You must also determine who actually owns the truck; often, the drivers themselves own the vehicle as owner-operators. Due to the presence of multiple parties, it can be extremely difficult to determine the liable actors in a trucking accident. 

There are more ways to uncover evidence in a trucking accident.

Nearly every trucking unit comes with some sort of recording device that tells a story of what happened leading up to accidents. It is highly worthwhile to retain an attorney who understands how to access this information and use it against the liable party. 

The stakes are higher in a trucking accident.

Unfortunately, when 18-wheelers are involved in an accident, the result is rarely a fender bender. Due to the weight of large trucks, crashes often result in severe injuries and a significant amount of property damage. The stopping ability is hindered by the weight and size of large trucks, which increases the chances that multiple vehicles (and people) will be involved in one wreck. 


Simply put, you need an attorney who has a great amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to trucking accidents. Wyly & Cook is passionate about helping victims receive the payouts they deserve; we leave no stone unturned in our accident investigations. Call us today at 713-236-8330 for a free consultation.

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